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Mambya’s Tuzinne Festival 2018 – Where Human Rights Dance

Mambya Arts proudly convened the second installment of our annual international festival, dedicated to championing human rights through the art of dance. With a profound understanding of dance’s ability to captivate, unite, spark awareness, provoke reflection, and catalyze transformation, Tuzinne emerged as a powerful platform amplifying human rights issues prevalent in Uganda and East Africa.

Tuzinne 2018: Oct 29th – Nov 3rd. The National Theatre, Kampala

The second edition of this groundbreaking human rights dance festival unfolded over four days, filled with a diverse array of workshops, enlightening talks, and captivating performances, all hosted at the National Theatre in Kampala.

Drawing together a vibrant tapestry of talent and perspectives, performers hailed from Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, France, the UK, Madagascar, Togo, and Congo. This multicultural ensemble brought forth a kaleidoscope of artistic expression, each performance serving as a poignant testament to the universality of human rights struggles and the transformative power of dance.

Workshops, including sessions led by renowned choreographer Denis Plassad from France, offered valuable insights and techniques. Notably, Splash Dance Company captivated the audience, dispelling stereotypes and showcasing that disabilities need not limit one’s ability to express themselves fully through dance.

Watch part of Tuzinne founder Oscar Ssenyonga’s 2018 performance:

Influencial Ugadand performers included Faizal Mostrixx, Ibra Buwembo and Eddie Wizzy.

Watch highlights from the festival at National Theatre below:

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