Creative actions on climate
change and human rights

2024 Update on Kira Police Station Barracks Greening Pilot

Revisiting the Kira Police Station Barracks site nearly a year after Act Africa Now planted trees with police officers, showed just how much trees can grow when given the right care and circumstances. Volunteer Emmanuel proudly shows off the growth of Jackfruit trees, which, 11 months later, have grown to over 2 meters tall. Alongside the thriving trees were insects, enjoying the green oasis in this area of the city situated by the traffic jam hotspot of Kira Road.

Situated within a community where police officers, their families, and relatives reside, this initiative aimed to foster awareness and active participation in combating climate change. The trees here have benefited from being safe from goats eating them and being planted in healthy, undamaged soil – showing just how much a tree can grow when given the right circumstances.