Creative actions on climate
change and human rights

Climate Activist of the year

Today in Kampala, Kerry and Vincent from Mambya Arts Foundation had the incredible opportunity to meet two dynamic youth climate activists: Muhwezi Joshua Lawel and Ayebare Denise. These young leaders are at the forefront of climate action in Uganda, working tirelessly to empower youth and protect the environment.

Lawel Muhwezi Joshua (Right) at Makerere Debating Union

Muhwezi Joshua Lawel, a National debate champion and regular TV panelist, brings strategic insight and courage to the climate movement. His extensive experience in student and youth activism has equipped him to effectively lead discussions and initiatives that aim to drive meaningful climate action. Through platforms like Tuzungumzie Africa, Joshua continues to inspire and mobilize young people across the continent.

Ayebare Denise, an award-winning speaker and climate activist, is a beacon of hope for sustainable development In Uganda and beyond. Founder of A BetterLife International Organization, Denise serves as a Youth Climate Action Negotiator at the UNFCCC. Her advocacy spans from grassroots initiatives to global platforms like COP28 and the Doha Youth Forum. Denise’s journey from a refugee in Uganda to a global climate advocate exemplifies resilience and dedication. Her leadership in the National Youth Parliament Uganda and numerous international accolades underscore her commitment to climate justice and youth empowerment.

This year she was nameed Climate Activist of the Year from the Women in Climate Change Award, presented by GIZ Uganda in partnership with GGGI UGANDA the Climate Change Department (CCD) , and the European Union in Uganda.

“At the age of 15, I began my activism journey by engaging in debates at the national level to ban plastic bags, known as “kaveera” in Uganda. My passion for the environment and desire to make a difference led me to continue my activism work. I have so far focused on various areas such as biogas installations, recycling plants, green libraries in schools, and tree planting.”

Our discussions focused on collaboration strategies to amplify our joint efforts. By pooling our resources and expertise, we aim to create a larger impact in the fight against climate change. Together, we are determined to build a sustainable and equitable future for all.