Our Team


Human Rights and Climate Change Activist, Entrepreneur, Leader

Shunx Shannon

Managing Director & General Secretary

Shunx Shannon is a Ugandan born & raised Curve Fashion Model, Journalist, CEO, P.R.O & Image Stylist at Tusubira PR Firm, Law UnderGraduate & Secretary General At Mambya Arts Foundation. She’s been a muse to brands like Shillat Makeup & Has been Photographed by Ugandan Photography Extraordinaire Manzi Rolland. She’s Written, Creative Directed & Editorial Edited for Top Fashion Magazine Elyt Magazine Uganda & In March to May of 2022 Guest Appeared & Co-Hosted NTV’s Style Project for Several Episodes.

Trustie Abireebe

Procurement Officer

Trustie Abireebe is a Ugandan National that holds a Development Studies Bachelor’s degree from Kyambogo University. Working with UTATU as the Accounting and Administrative officer, She also engages in digital marketing, innovation and creative management.

Oscar Ssenyonga is a prominent figure known for his multifaceted contributions as a human rights and climate change activist, entrepreneur, and leader. Born [01\02\1994] in the ghetto of Kasubi in Uganda, Ssenyonga’s life journey has been marked by a relentless commitment to making positive changes on both societal and environmental fronts.

Ssenyonga’s passion for human rights and social justice ignited during his formative years. Witnessing various injustices and inequalities around him, he embarked on a path dedicated to advocating for the rights of marginalized communities. His early experiences shaped his worldview and fueled his determination to become a driving force for change.

As an activist, Ssenyonga has fearlessly championed the cause of human rights, working tirelessly to raise awareness about systemic issues, promote equality, and empower disadvantaged groups. His leadership roles in various grassroots organizations and international NGOs have enabled him to amplify the voices of those who have been silenced and overlooked.

Recognizing the intertwined nature of environmental and social challenges, Ssenyonga expanded his advocacy to include climate change. Understanding the urgency of addressing environmental issues, he dedicated himself to raising awareness about the impact of climate change on vulnerable populations. He has been instrumental in organizing campaigns, seminars, and initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable practices and influencing policy changes to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Beyond his activism, Ssenyonga’s entrepreneurial spirit has played a pivotal role in driving tangible change. He founded entrepreneurial venture Gestures Uganda LTD and EWAKA SUPPLY LTD with the vision of merging business acumen with social and environmental responsibility. Through this venture, he has pioneered innovative solutions that address pressing issues while fostering economic growth.

Ssenyonga’s leadership qualities shine through his ability to unite diverse stakeholders under a common goal. His inclusive and collaborative approach has earned him respect and admiration from peers, mentors, and followers alike. His guidance and mentorship have inspired many young activists and entrepreneurs to join the journey toward a more just and sustainable world.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions, Ssenyonga has received numerous accolades and awards, solidifying his status as a visionary leader. However, he remains grounded and focused on the work that lies ahead. His unwavering dedication to human rights, climate action, and entrepreneurship continues to inspire positive change and serves as a beacon of hope for a brighter future.