Creative actions on climate
change and human rights


Act Africa Now

Act Africa Now is a small but powerful environmental project under Mamyba Arts Foundation in Kampala, Uganda. 

We are dedicated to working with vulnerable communities, primarily in slum areas, to improve their natural environment. These communities have limited green spaces, trees and vegetation. Soil is significantly degraded, with layers of plastic bags and compacted sewage.

Without trees, plants and their root systems holding the soil together flooding becomes a constant threat. Where drainage does exist it is often clogged with plastic waste and other debris, exacerbating the problem.

People focused on day-to-day survival understandably are often unable to prioritize their surroundings and vegetation.

Act Africa Now believes:

IF these communities get trees, plant care knowledge, and understand the environmental and health benefits,

THEN communities can improve soil quality, grow their own food, and reduce the risk and impact of flooding.

In collaboration with local leaders, we’ve initiated pilot greening projects in slum communities like Kakajo, Kamokya, Kira, Kawempe, & Kanyogoga.

Our pilot projects have revealed various challenges communities face, including goats eating tree saplings, deforestation for fuel, lack of compost, lack of funds for saplings, and water scarcity during dry seasons.

Together, we’re building a more resilient future with these communities.

But we can’t do it alone.

We need your support whether through financial contributions, volunteering your time, or connecting us with valuable resources. Let’s create positive change together.

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