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Update on Kamwokya Pilot

Returning to the LC 1 office in Kamwokya highlighted the ongoing dedication of local leaders to support community greening efforts initiated a year ago.

The LC was eager to show us the healthy trees we planted in a fenced-off area—safe from goats and developments.

Act Africa Now ambassadors Shannon and Emma, alongside local leaders, stood amidst the one-year-old trees planted last year.

The LC shared the challenges their community had experienced in maintaining the greening efforts, namely:

  • Goats eating anything
  • Space to plant trees in densly populated areas
  • Lack of access to free water for the average resident (some areas you pay 200 shillings per jerry can of water)
  • Lack of understanding by the community to the importance of not removing saplings.
  • Unplanned building developments
  • Weeds taking over
  • Poor soil quality

This invaluable feedback from the community will help inform our strategies moving forward as we endeavor to have an even bigger impact in future activations.