Creative actions on climate
change and human rights

Kira Police Station Barracks Greening Pilot

Act Africa Now, spearheaded its 4th environmental activation at the Kira Police Station Barracks. Situated within a community where police officers, their families, and relatives reside, this initiative aimed to foster awareness and active participation in combating climate change.

The event commenced early in the morning, marked by a warm reception from the community eagerly awaiting the opportunity to engage and contribute to the greening efforts. The Act Africa Now team along with volunteers arrived on-site, ready to educate and inspire the community to join hands in fostering a more sustainable environment for all.

Recognizing prevalent challenges faced by the community, such as inadequate roofing leading to leaks during rainfall, the event emphasized the importance of environmental consciousness in addressing these issues. Planting trees in and around the area served as a symbolic gesture of rejuvenation and a call to action for the community to strive for betterment.

“This activation at the Kira Police Station Barracks is a testament to our collective commitment to mitigate climate challenges,” remarked [Nakamya Jane].

 “By coming together and planting trees, we not only enhance the ecosystem but also empower this community to tackle environmental issues for a brighter, greener future.”

The event fostered a sense of unity and purpose among attendees, encouraging them to take proactive steps in safeguarding their environment. Through education and active participation, Act Africa continues its mission to create a more sustainable and resilient Uganda.

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