Creative actions on climate
change and human rights

Kanyogoga Pilot Activation

May 26th 2023

Nestled along the iconic railway line, Kanyogoga slum is a bustling area where small businesses sell chapatti, charcoal, gum boots and tomatoes. Yet, amidst this tapestry of enterprise, a stark reality emerges—residents live next to polluted pools of water and heaps of refuse, amidst a landscape that straddles the line between Luzira and Muyenga. Here, the air is thick with flies and the ominous presence of marabou storks.

In the heart of Kampala, this area grapples with overpopulation compounded by a severe lack of sanitation facilities. Shared toilets, costing 200 shillings per visit, are out of reach for many inhabitants, who instead defacate in private in plastic bags, depositing them after into the drainage channels.

The magnitude of refuse in Kanyogoga is staggering, eclipsing anything witnessed in our previous endeavors. Armed with spades and rakes, our efforts made a modest dent in the vast expanse of waste. Yet, the prospect of deploying larger machinery is hampered by logistical challenges—navigating the area of informal settlements which don’t have proper roads, presents a serious obstacle.

Amidst this adversity, our recent activation saw the planting of 50 trees, a gesture towards revitalizing a neglected landscape. However, due to the scale of waste here, we focussed efforts on th clean up operation.

This Kanyogoga pilot gave us many challanges to work with but nevertheless, the spirit of the community shone through—a collective eagerness to see positive change in an environment seemingly forgotten by the authorities. Yet, to truly catalyze transformation, a concerted strategy and larger resources are needed—a recognition of the complexity inherent in our mission to uplift and empower.