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Dreamwize School Planting – For Generations to Come

This week, we had the pleasure of planting trees at our first school, Dreamwize Junior in Bwaise. Amos proudly showcased their new avocado and mango trees, which will benefit staff and pupils for generations to come!

Planting trees in schools significantly enhances the sustainability of our efforts. Not only will these trees thrive for over 40 years, but they will also provide shade, healthy food, and environmental education to hundreds of children and staff.

The Green Guardians for these trees, Angel and Amos, also planted rosemary and lemongrass herbs to help with moisture retention and, when mature, for the school to use in tea. The team also agreed on a watering schedule for the new plants and weekly monitoring to be aware of any possible pests or weeds affecting their ability to thrive.

Listen to Amos and Angel talk about the new trees!

Your support is making a lasting impact on both the community and the environment.