Creative actions on climate
change and human rights
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Tree planting with urban communities in Kampala
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Raising Awareness on Climate Change
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Raising Awareness on Climate Change
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Cleaning with urban communities
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1 million trees planted in Uganda.
Are you with us?

Act Africa Now is a small but powerful environmental project under Mamyba Arts Foundation founded in 2013 in Kampala, Uganda.

We focus on improving environmental conditions in vulnerable slum communities. These areas suffer from limited green spaces, degraded soil with plastic and sewage, and constant flooding threats due to the absence of trees and clogged drainage.

Act Africa Now believes:
IF communities get trees, plant care knowledge, and understand the environmental and health benefits,

THEN communities can improve soil quality, grow their own food, and reduce the risk and impact of flooding. Together, we’re building a more resilient future with communities.

But we can’t do it alone. We need your support whether through financial contributions, volunteering your time, or connecting us with valuable resources. Let’s plant 1 million trees together.

Act Africa Now Video:

Kira Road police station trees one year on.

What were working on right now:

Kiiza Eron at The Environment Shield Limited and Gawaya Tugule have successfully saved a row of endangered Milicia excelsa (Mvule) trees along Nile Avenue in Jinja City. The court declared the tree cutting a threat to residents’ rights to a clean environment and the city’s heritage, issuing a temporary injunction to halt the cutting until proper consultations and safeguards are in place.
Hosted by Holland Greentech, a top horticultural company in East Africa, our team expanded their knowledge of sustainable farm management, covering soil and water analysis, pest control, and irrigation. Read on to discover our key takeaways!
Today in Kampala, we had the incredible opportunity to meet two dynamic youth climate activists: Muhwezi Joshua Lawel and Ayebare Denise. These young leaders are at the forefront of climate action in Uganda, working tirelessly to empower youth and protect the environment.