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Prophet Oscar Ssenyonga aims at improving the standards of living of women in societies, majorly addressing issues of women rights, domestic violence, improved cultivation techniques, and startup groups which mainly encourage saccos, and women finance groups. Under this program, we not only sensitize our women and the elderly but also donate materials and resources to have them startup.

As a Christian ministry in Africa, we do treasure the mothers of the land. Supporting a woman or two means a lot to the life of every one in Uganda because they provide love and strength to their families. It’s them that take care of children even in the hardest times. When we empower women, we actually address their challenges such as the impact of climate change, domestic violence, poverty, gender inequality among others. Their needs range from farming materials, sensitization, guidance and counseling, food, health care and school fees for their children. They contribute much towards building societies.

However, they are also one of the groups in Uganda that are at disadvantage Hundreds of women die every year due to complications during pregnancy and childbirth; while others are left miserable and mistreated due to domestic violence.

Also, mothers supporting their families find it hard to get well paying jobs and training programs as compared to men. Those afflicted with HIV and AIDS are denied proper health care and many HIV-positive mothers and their children are stigmatized and cast out. We believe that with your charity, we can improve the lives of these wonderful people.

Kalagala Agribusiness Center (K.A.C)

The K.A.C vision is all about job creation, poverty alleviation and modernization of Agriculture. This project is not only for the church but for everyone who is fighting hard to Get out of Poverty. Located in the Eastern part of Uganda, Kangulumira has been found to have favorable weather conditions with good soil fertility. Being a vast land, Kangulumira is suitable for large scale mechanized agriculture. Therefore some of the K.A.C farms are located in Kayunga district