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Empowering Kampala: Act Africa NOW Climate Change Walk Takes Stride Towards Environmental Responsibility

On Saturday of November 24, 2022, the dedicated team of Act Africa Now, alongside enthusiastic volunteers, embarked on a transformative 2km journey to raise awareness about the value of preserving the environmental among Kampala residents.

The walk commenced at the bustling Arena Mall on Nsambya Road, weaving its way through the heart of the city, passing through Oweno market and Kisenyi. Armed with impactful posters and a public address system, our passionate team urged residents to reconsider their habits, imploring them to cease the disposal of garbage, especially plastic bottles, into drainage systems—a major contributor to the frequent flooding plaguing the city.

Echoing the sentiments of urgency and collective responsibility, Oscar Ssenyonga, Act Africa Now director, addressed the participants after the walk. “Climate change poses a significant threat to Uganda’s sustainable development, and unless immediate action is taken, the very fabric of our country is at stake,” he emphasized.

Oscar Ssenyongo Act Africa Now Director addressing community members on the value of preserving our environment.

This march assumed greater significance as Uganda joined the global community for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27), set to commence in Egypt.

Busein Samilu, reporting for Chimp Reports, highlighted a crucial aspect revealed in a recent report by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) leading up to COP27. The report underscores that nations failing to embrace the opportunities of a green revolution risk exacerbating social inequality, fueling civil unrest, and compromising economic competitiveness if the transition to net-zero emissions pathways is not meticulously managed.

Act Africa Now volunteers spreading climate awareness in Kampala

Act Africa Now urged citizens to take immediate action in response to the escalating environmental challenges faced by the country. Ssenyonga stated “Uganda has witnessed an increase in hostile weather patterns, from prolonged dry spells in the north to landslides in the east and devastating floods. I implore everyone to contribute by planting trees in their compounds and refraining from tossing bottles into drainage systems.”

The impactful event garnered attention from various media outlets, with coverage from reputable sources like New Vision, Chim Reports, and Da Parrot, further amplifying the message of environmental consciousness and responsibility.

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