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Kamwokya Slums Community Activation

27th of January, 2023

On the 27th of January, 2023 In a remarkable display of unity and determination, the residents of Kamwokya joined the Act Africa Now team & took charge of their environment, rallying together for the Greening Uganda community cleanup initiative.

The Act Africa Now movement has been instrumental in educating and sensitizing the community about the urgent repercussions of the Climate Crisis, urging people to plant more trees, recycle and avoid using fossil fuels.

This event marked a resounding response from the people, showcasing their eagerness to actively contribute towards a cleaner and safer environment.

During the cleanup drive, conversations echoed the frustrations of the Kamwokya residents. They voiced their disappointment with elected officials who had made assurances during elections but failed to deliver on their promises once in power.

LC 1 Chairman for Green Valley Zone Kamokya was actively engaged in the activation

Local council Leaders (LC 1) were actively engaged in the event and eager to ear peoples opinions.

Among the prevalent issues haunting this community are the clogged sewage drains, laden with refuse due to infrequent trash collection by KCCA trucks.

The pressing need for upgraded drainage systems and improved roads reverberated among the residents, whose pleas extend to the government for immediate action.

Residents expressed dismay that despite being near Acacia Mall, a bustling hub adorned with high-end establishments and frequented by many, their area remains neglected.

The spirited efforts witnessed in Kamwokya stand as a call to action, urging authorities to heed the voices of the marginalized and work towards equitable development that leaves no community behind.