Greening Uganda is Act Africa Now’s first official countrywide cleaning,  greening and recycling  project targeted to green Uganda again and help improve the current climate and global warming crisis in Uganda by cleaning communities, planting trees and recycling plastic while also teaching economy improving skills and providing employment opportunities to marginalized groups of people in these communities.

The Act Africa now team will be traveling to and around different areas within Uganda, both in central Kampala, Upcountry rural and slam communities to educate and raise awareness within these communities about the current state in which our climate is in.

It’s important to educate and raise awareness within these communities because, majority of the residents working and living in these areas are completely unaware and oblivious to the terrible and dangerous tremendous effects caused by climate change as well as, what’s going on with the planet, yet individuals who live in these communities not only are they heavily affected but also heavily contribute to the high pollution levels due to lack of plastic recycling in their communities.

Climate Change and Poverty are Inextricably linked

As much as the whole world is affected by the awful effects caused by climate change, people leaving and working in slams/ rural areas in 3rd World Countries like Uganda with limited financial resources to cope with disasters such as droughts, which due to the continuously increasing climate change levels, droughts are becoming more and more prolonged and extreme causing farmers to face major challenges, which has heavily increased poverty and hunger levels in Uganda and Africa.

With the Greening Uganda Project, our goal initiative is to reach to as many downtown, slam and rural communities as possible all over Uganda.


We will educate and raise awareness to the people in these communities, Do a community general clean out session with them and encourage them to keep their communities clean. Plant and Give out seedlings to encourage more Trees plantation as tree planting is one of the most important ways of saving the plant.   

Recycling Plastic Materials and turning them into saleable goods.

We hold a workshop in each community where we show members in these communities how to create valuable items out of plastic and recyclable materials such as plastic bottoms etc