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First impactful tree planted in Bwaise!

Today, we celebrate with the Tusikerawamu Group in Bwaise, who were the recipients of our first tree sponsorship! Florence and her team received a soursop tree sapling in addition to rosemary and citronella herb plants, which provide water retention and medicinal benefits when large enough to harvest.

The sponsorship included training on how to plant successfully, ensuring the tree is given enough depth and space to mature fully without affecting adjacent buildings or underground water systems. Two cubic feet of black soil were provided, along with a monthly water budget to ensure the sapling gets the best start possible. A green guardian is assigned to each tree to work with someone on-site to water, prune, and report progress to the team.

Listen to Florence talk about the economic challenges in their community and the impact a fruit tree could have on their members’ lives:

Locations such as TWG Bwaise are ideal for new trees, as there is a strong community leader and team who can sensitize all users to the importance of caring for new saplings. This compound is also goat-free, so for this sapling, the community saw no need to construct a fence around it. However, we will continue to assess this, as there are some curious children who might accidentally step on small saplings!

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